Motivation Monday

A New Way to Journal!

Begin each day feeling more grateful, focused, and positive. . . 

In the morning write in your journal about the three (3) following topics:


What are you grateful for in your life?


What are your goals?

What are the small steps you want to accomplish today?


What things (big and small) went well yesterday?


In the evening, review and reflect on the answers to the above questions.


It is difficult to be your best self right now. Worldwide, people are upset, complaining, and struggling, which makes it more challenging for people who are trying to change the world – to make a positive

In his podcast episode, “How To Stay Positive During Your Worst Days,” Brendon Burchard teaches habits, mindset, and strategies to overcome the hard times.

You have to allow sadness to happen. You can’t apologize for it, you can’t try to hide it… sadness happens. I’m fine to lose a day to sadness. I don’t want to lose a week to sadness, I don’t want to lose a month to sadness… that’s unhealthy. If you’re sad, allow it! And then maybe you’ll be able to move onto the next part, which is to socialize with your sadness. Share with someone: ‘I’m really sad about this.’ The goal isn’t for them solve it, the goal is for you to share it. 

Start your week listening to this episode to improve your mood and results during uncertain, tough times!

How To Stay Positive During Your Worst Days



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