I met Robin in October 2019 when I joined the Pedaling for Parkinson’s at the Kent YMCA. At that time I had been a member for several weeks as the Kent YMCA had just opened. After only a few classes I began to notice an improvement in some of my Parkinson’s symptoms and felt an overall improvement in my well-being. At my annual physical, my doctor found that my A1C levels had dropped to the point at which I am no longer pre-diabetic. Also, my blood sugar levels are at the lowest levels they have been in many years. I attribute these improvements to my participation in the Pedaling for Parkinson’s class.

One of the factors in the class’ success is Robin’s ability to keep us engaged in thought and conversation during the class. This makes the hour long class fly by. Keeping myself going for an hour on the Spin cycles isn’t something that I can easily accomplish by myself and Robin makes it seem easy. Another factor in the class’ success is Robin’s positive energy. Her positive energy fuels not only the class for an hour but has lasting effects outside the class. I have found myself noticing little things such as things the make me smile during the week, ways I choose to relax, as well as healthy foods that I have chosen to eat.

Even during the closure of the YMCA due to the pandemic, Robin continues to keep us connected to the Pedaling for Parkinson’s class and has kept me motivated to find other ways to exercise. She has even helped to coach me via e-mail regarding the use of a rowing machine I borrowed from a relative. Robin has helped me in my personal battle with Parkinson’s and has helped me with my overall health. Her positive energy is quite genuine and motivates me in achieving my health goals. Glenn M., current client, YMCA, Kent, WA (May 2020)

Robin: You have taken a class situation that could otherwise be pretty dull (an hour of pedaling not going anywhere) and kept it interesting for us. You have facilitated our becoming a group with social connections. During this down time (due to COVID-19 pandemic) you have kept in touch with us. You have exceeded my expectations as an instructor and trainer and have made a positive impact in my life. Phil D., current client, YMCA, Kent, WA (May 2020)

Robin is an incredible human being in EVERY WAY. She is not a fake. Robin is authentic, genuine and has been an amazing person to know. To know her is an honor. I met her through my husband’s hiking group. When she is not on the trail, she strives at every turn through her own school and life challenges to inspire others. She is incredible and inspirational on the trail. Robin meets people where they are at when it comes to personal training, and then builds them up from there. Robin meets you are at in life, and believe me, I am in poverty and have 150 pds to lose and Robin tells me I can do it…and reminds me at every turn to focus on the positive. I now realize this isn’t just some “Self help speak”, but rather this is who Robin really is. She is SUCH a beautiful person and really cares about people’s whole health. I think it is because Robin has lived it and she wants others to follow suit. She is an incredible human being. Rebekah, L., Writer, self-employed, Seattle, WA (April 2019)

Thank you for all of your energy – you are always bouncing around and have such great ideas! Your co-workers are recognizing that you are really getting into a groove and you are so appreciated! Kari T., Rehab Manager, Valley Medical Center, Renton, WA (January 2018)

Robin is a wonderful trainer, she has so much knowledge and works patiently with me to make sure I am doing the right things for my training. I really appreciate her expertise and will definitely keep her as my choice for a trainer. Charlsee N., Associate Product Manager, former personal training client, Anytime Fitness & Guided Fitness, Renton, WA (February 2017)

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind words of support and all that you are teaching me.  It was a huge challenge just to get myself to step into the gym and sign up.  I know now that this is the best gift I could give myself and it is such a joy to have you be such a huge part of it.  I couldn’t do this without you. Diane L., Secretary, former personal training client, Anytime Fitness, Renton, WA (November 2016)

Since you’ve been here (Timber Ridge at Talus Retirement Community), I’ve noticed in the gym how empathetic you are with everyone with whom I’ve seen you working, and have been impressed with your enthusiasm and friendliness with everybody here. That also applies to the enjoyable outing that you organized and led to Gold Pond in Snoqualmie Pass (Washington). Dick, B., Retired, former personal training client, Timber Ridge at Talus Retirement Community, Issaquah, WA (June 2016)

Robin, thanks for always being such positive energy to our team! Alexandra M., Manager, former team leader and supervisor, American Healthways, Inc., Bellevue, WA (June 2015)

What’s one thing that you’d like me to start doing? I think you are great, so there is much I would like you to start doing. What’s one thing that you’d like me to keep doing? Being positive. Being fun. You do a great job of showing me how to do all of the exercises. You are very engaged and care about my progress. I love your energy. I love your passion and enthusiasm. Briefly describe your 1-2 top fitness goals when you started training with me. Strengthening my core, specifically my back. Flexibility, specifically around my core.List your achievements with training thus far. My back is totally changed and is much better. I have preventive exercises and stretches to help my core and back. I have exercises that I could do on my own time. My core is strengthened. My hip flexors are more flexible and stronger. Ford W., Sales Executive, former personal training client, Crunch Fitness, San Francisco, CA  (October 2014)

 What is one thing that you’d like me to start doing? Just keep doing what you’re doing.
What is one that you’d like me to stop doing? Can’t think of a thing. Can you describe any reservations that you had before we started working together? I was thinking I’d get some big guy as my new trainer.  When Crunch (Fitness) suggested you, I immediately decided to keep an open mind. Glad I did so – no reservations.List your achievements with training thus far. Kept training and didn’t quit. Is there anything else at all that you’d like to add? Nah, other than I believe you’re a dedicated and meticulous and caring trainer and person. Arthur I., Retired, former personal training client, Crunch Fitness, San Francisco, CA (October 2014)

First and foremost Robin is one of the kindest people I know. Having worked in he health and fitness industry myself for over a decade I have had the privilege of working with the best and the brightest minds. Robin is without a doubt in a league of her own! Robin’s unwavering enthusiasm for helping others improve their health is infectious. She truly cares and it is clear to anyone that meets her. Erin S., Certified Personal Trainer, Co-worker, Mentor, Body Kinetics, San Rafael, CA (October 2014)

Robin is an excellent spin teacher. She knows how to make the class very interesting by changing up tempo and her music is fantastic. I really recommend taking a class with her. It’s a great workout. NamasteWendy A., Certified Yoga Instructor, Co-worker, Body Kinetics, San Rafael, CA (August 2014)

Robin knows her stuff; as a spin instructor she will give you a very smooth but challenging workout. I always felt fully warmed up and ready to go in Robin’s spin classes, then she knocked me for a loop with the workout. Thank you Robin for hurting me, but in a very good way! James D., Video Photographer/Editor, Mentor, Body Kinetics, San Rafael, CA (March 2014)

 This is just a note to say thanks for getting me up on my feet with stretching, moving and exercising. With your expertise guiding me along the way, I have not felt any muscle soreness and am actually feeling better and much more limber. You are a great personal trainer! I promise to continue my daily workout as your enthusiasm for good health has worn off on me. Thanks again! Richard B., Retired, former personal training client, Self-Employed, San Rafael, CA (March 2014)

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