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  • Meditation Monday

    You may also want to try… Box Breaths Inhale for a 4-count. Hold for a 4-count. Exhale for a 4-count. Repeat as needed. 4 – 7 – 8 Breaths Inhale for a 4-count. Hold for a 7-count. Exhale for an 8-count. Repeat as needed.

  • “Learn from the Old… Embrace the New.”

    Learn from the uncertainties, struggles, and mistakes in 2020. Make 2021 a Year of Resiliency.  Start fresh and experiment with a new lifestyle change in 2021! “How do I change my unhealthy habits and routines to healthier ways I can sustain in the long-term?” Establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals! S  Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Realistic T Time-bound  […]

  • Talk Tuesday

    Where are you located today? If you are below the line, what small change can you make today to step above the line? If you are above the line, how will you maintain this behavior? Adopt a growth mindset. Be a life-longer learner. Open your mind to new ideas. Get curious. Express your creativity. Play, often.  If […]

  • TED Talk Tuesday

    Start a “better than nothing habit.” Focus on the small steps you take each day. Consistency is key. Celebrate the small wins. The goal is to be better than your previous self, not better than other people. 

  • Mindful Monday

    With a stable mind at your core,  With the eyes and ears acute and clear, And with the four limbs firm and fixed, You can thereby make a lodging place for the vital essence. — Unknown, The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About The Good Life by Michael Puett & Christine Gross-Loh When we are […]

  • Mindful Monday

    Christoper Germer and Kristin Neff created this guided meditation from their  Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) course. Start your week taking a moment to slow down and check-in with your amazing body, from head to toe! This practice offers kindness, understanding, acceptance, and gratitude. Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenate psychological well-being. Practice this guided meditation in the morning, midday, […]

  • Wellness Wednesday

    What is Mind-Body Medicine? A focus on healing the whole person verses treating symptoms. Collaboration between the healthcare provider and the patient. Empowerment of the patient specifically in his/her healing and treatment decision-making. A focus on the whole person including the relationships among the physical, emotional, social, environmental, mental, behavioral, and spiritual. — Christina Lombardo, […]

  • Motivation Monday

    A New Way to Journal! Begin each day feeling more grateful, focused, and positive. . .  In the morning write in your journal about the three (3) following topics: Gratitude What are you grateful for in your life? Goals What are your goals? What are the small steps you want to accomplish today? Goodness What things (big and […]

  • Meditation Monday

    Loving-Kindness Meditation A way to calm a frenzied mind, express gratitude, and be happy. Practicing kindness is one of the simplest ways to be happy. Recent research finds that kind people tend to be more content with their relationships and lives in general. We all have a natural tendency to be kind. However, we often […]

  • Motivation Monday

    You are never given the power to dream without the equivalent power to manifest that dream and make it your physical reality. — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer