Motivation Monday

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Self-Love Action

Everyone has limits, and today when I start to push past my own emotional and physical limits, I will lovingly remind myself to pull back.

If you start to feel on-edge and frustrated in your surroundings, what is one simple activity you can do to return to a calm state?

Deep breathing, a brisk walk, or watch a funny You Tube video, to name a few.


Self-Love Action

I will approach my life in a more lighthearted way today and see how that youthful lightness lifts the heavier aspects of my day.

How will you act like a kid today?

Jump rope or play hopscotch at your work break, dance to your favorite childhood song, or indulge in sweet treat without guilt, to name a few.


Self-Love Action

Today I am finding joy right where I am, in the way my life looks now.

Take a visual scan of your surroundings. Name 3 – 5 things you see that bring a smile to your face.


Self-Love Action

Today, no matter how the people around me are feeling, I will practice adjusting my inner emotional climate control to a comfortable setting.

Remind yourself to practice that one simple activity to return to a calm state.


Self-Love Action

Today, and this week, I will watch out for interesting experiences to come my way, making my life and my character richer. 

Be curious.

Meet new people. Explore new surroundings. Learn new skills.

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