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Loving-Kindness Meditation

A way to calm a frenzied mind, express gratitude, and be happy.

Practicing kindness is one of the simplest ways to be happy. Recent research finds that kind people tend to be more content with their relationships and lives in general. We all have a natural tendency to be kind. However, we often do not take steps to express this tendency as much as we could. 

Loving-kindness meditation (“metta”) is an effective strategy to increase our capacity for kindness. This type of meditation involves mentally sending goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards other by silently repeating a series of mantras.

Time Required: 15 minutes daily

How To Do It

Close your eyes. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and your spine straight. Relax your whole body. Keep your eyes closed throughout the entire visualization and bring your awareness inward. Avoid straining or concentrating.

Imagine you are surrounded by all the people who (have) love(d) you. They are sending you wishes for your happiness, well-being, and health. You are filled, and overflowing with warmth and love.

Begin to send the love that you feel back to these people. These people wish to be happy too.

Repeat the following phrase, silently:

May you live with ease, may you be happy, may you be free from pain.

May you live with ease, may you be happy, may you be free from pain.

May you live with ease, may you be happy, may you be free from pain.

*For the full version of this meditation and audio instructions, visit Loving-Kindness Meditation with Emma Seppala, Ph.D.

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