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  • Workout Wednesday

    7-Minute Mood Boost Workout Do you only have 10 minutes to exercise? Do you need a quick movement break? Avoid the “3PM slump” and rush for caffeine! Get up, hit the timer, and move your body through each of these exercises! Ready… Set…  Go! Warm up with a few dynamic stretches and movements such as, arm […]

  • Workout Wednesday

    5-Minute Mood-Booster Workout No equipment needed! Do anywhere: home, gym, office, park, beach, track or sports field! Do anytime: morning, afternoon or night! No excuses. Ready… Set… Go! 1-Minute: Cardiovascular Warm-Up such as, dance, jumping jacks, squat jumps, or stair climbs. 30-Seconds of Each Exercise: Body-Weight Squats Push-Ups Alternating Reverse Lunges Tricep Dips (on a step, […]

  • Welcome April

  • Welcome May

    Welcome May
  • Workout Wednesday

    Are you feeling complacent with your current exercise routine? Are you seeking ways to add variety to your workouts each week? Do you want short, on-demand workouts led by an encouraging and supportive team of coaches? Try Aaptiv today! From running, cycling and walking to strength training, pilates and barre to stretching, yoga and meditation, Aaptiv offers […]

  • Mindful Monday

    With a stable mind at your core,  With the eyes and ears acute and clear, And with the four limbs firm and fixed, You can thereby make a lodging place for the vital essence. — Unknown, The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About The Good Life by Michael Puett & Christine Gross-Loh When we are […]

  • Mindful Monday

    Christoper Germer and Kristin Neff created this guided meditation from their  Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) course. Start your week taking a moment to slow down and check-in with your amazing body, from head to toe! This practice offers kindness, understanding, acceptance, and gratitude. Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenate psychological well-being. Practice this guided meditation in the morning, midday, […]

  • Step into September…

    A New Month. A Fresh Start. What new healthy habits will you begin?

  • Wellness Wednesday

    Wellness Book Recommendations  *Not listed in any particular order.   “The Joy of Movement: How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage” by Kelly McGonigal, PhD Learn More on NPR Buy Now on Amazon   “Live More Happy” by Dr. Darren Morton Learn More on Wellcoaches Blog Buy Now on Amazon   “The Path: […]

  • Therapy Thursday

      During the present times of physical distancing and social isolation, compassionate hugs (like this tree root “hugging” the old tree trunk) are rare or even non-existent. Hugs release the hormone, oxytocin, which helps people feel deep connection, a sense of belonging, and improves mood. Do you have a close friend to boost to each other’s […]