Workout Wednesday

Make today’s workout simple!

While a high-end, 5-star gym, state-of-the-art cardio equipment, and shiny, scratch-free weights can all increase fitness motivation, neither are necessary for a safe and effective workout!

As a Certified Spin Instructor for nearly 10 years, I grew very accustomed to the Keiser M3+ bike and Precor Spinner bike.

Both leading indoor cycling bikes are equipped with monitors featuring information such as, RPMs, calorie expenditure, distance, wattage, and HR.

Then… the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting gym closures worldwide!

As a Spin-obsessed, fitness enthusiast I was devastated.

As a graduate student at the time, I was not in the financial position for a $2,000+ Spin bike…

What did I learn from this experience?

Simple workouts using minimal to no equipment can be just as effective and elicit the same feel-good emotions as a workout with an expensive indoor cycling bike at a gym.

What did my “quarantine workouts” consist of?

  • Outdoor running and power walking
  • Hiking and observing nature’s simplicities
  • Resistance bands, TRX, and by own body weight
  • To name a few… 

Simple workouts leading to a big goal…

My First Half Marathon!

Virtual Social Distance R-u-n (13.1miles), May 29, 2020

After the partial reopening of gyms in Washington state, Keiser M3+ and Precor Spinner bikes remain unavailable for me.

On the bright side, I now have access to a simpler Schwinn bike at a local Anytime Fitness!

No monitor featuring RPMs, calorie expenditure, distance, wattage, or HR.

Just me and the bike – and of course, the resistance knob too!

What did I learn from this experience?

“Monitor-less” indoor cycling bikes can create a greater mind-body, mindful ride!

I am not distracted by the numbers flashing in front of my eyes and deeply connect my mind to my muscles and focus on my breath.

I do still welcome the day I ride another Keiser M3+ bike and Precor Spinner bike…

But just like stopping during a hike to appreciate the simplicity of nature, riding a more minimalist Schwinn bike can elicit feelings of gratitude and a deeper connection with the mind, body, and soul.





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