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  • Workout Wednesday

    Make today’s workout simple! While a high-end, 5-star gym, state-of-the-art cardio equipment, and shiny, scratch-free weights can all increase fitness motivation, neither are necessary for a safe and effective workout! As a Certified Spin Instructor for nearly 10 years, I grew very accustomed to the Keiser M3+ bike and Precor Spinner bike. Both leading indoor cycling bikes are […]

  • Sunday FUNday Family FUN

    Are you a busy parent? Do you find it increasingly difficult to fit in exercise to your day? 5 Ways for Parents to Get Fit with Their Kids *Note: Being a parent is not a requirement. Recommended for any busy adult. Did you know that one of the easiest ways to feel good and boost your mood is to […]

  • Stretch It Sunday

    What better way to end the day, and prepare our body, mind, and soul for the week ahead! Global leading fitness equipment manufacturer, Precor shares its best stretching practices to help you reduce muscle imbalances, improve form and posture, and maximize your time spent at the gym. Stretching has received lots of bad press recently. New research has […]