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Wellness Wednesday

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Workout Wednesday

Make today’s workout simple! While a high-end, 5-star gym, state-of-the-art cardio equipment, and shiny, scratch-free weights can all increase fitness motivation, neither are necessary for a safe and effective workout! As a Certified Spin Instructor for nearly 10 years, I grew very accustomed … Continue reading

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Workout Wednesday

CYCLE CLASS 101 Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early and introduce yourself to the Certified Group Cycle Instructor, informing him/her that you are a new participant. He/She will be happy to set up your bike and provide you with a … Continue reading

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Spin Class Tips

Before you hop on the bike for your next Spin class, read these tips to maximize your work out and prevent injury. Establish an Aerobic Base To actively participate in a Spinning program, you must be able to perform 30 minutes … Continue reading

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Resistance Training Exercises: Beginner-Intermediate Level

I recently completed a Continuing Education Course (CEC) for my Spin Instructor Certification.  You might expect this course to be about cardiovascular fitness, however this course focused on resistance training.   The course examined how to apply resistance training to the Spinning program. … Continue reading

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Indoor Cycling: The “How To’s”

Are you tired of your exercise routine? Are you ready for a change? Are you in search of new and different ways to get fit? Try a Spin Class ! Format (*Recommended:  New riders arrive 15 minutes early) Bike Set-up – 10 minutes … Continue reading

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Spin Your Way to Good Health!

Try a Spin Class Today!  Just Go For It! Need more inspiration? Watch this short video now!

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2012 Spinning Student Everyday Manifesto

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.” — Benjamin Franklin What are you waiting for? Your life is happening right now and it is amazing! You have a chance to let your fire blaze through to new horizons; … Continue reading

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What to Wear during Spin Class… Important Must-Haves!

The alarm goes off… Buzzing, ringing, loud! Yes, it is that time again… Time for Monday morning spin class!  Tired, now?  You won’t be for long! Once you clip your shoes into the pedals, pushing and pulling with each foot, … Continue reading

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