Therapy Thursday


Cougar Mountain Wilderness, Washington, USA

During the present times of physical distancing and social isolation, compassionate hugs (like this tree root “hugging” the old tree trunk) are rare or even non-existent.

Hugs release the hormone, oxytocin, which helps people feel deep connection, a sense of belonging, and improves mood.

Do you have a close friend to boost to each other’s mental health?

To find a good pal to be your mental health accountability partner

Who are three people in your life to help you achieve your mental wellness goals?

Your chosen friends should make you feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable with them.

Of course, you want to reciprocate by offering your friends how you can help them feel calmer and at ease.

Some ideas:

Remind each out to take breaks to decompress at work.

Encourage each other to write in a gratitude journal each day.

Motivate each other to stand up and move for two minutes every hour.

Share healthy recipes and meal plans every Sunday.

Remember, your pal(s) is not your licensed therapist.

So, set boundaries…

Be certain there is a healthy balance between the support and encouragement each individual is giving and receiving to the other person.

Allow both individuals to opt out of a vent session before the other releases negative emotions. We all have days when are not in a good place to listen and offer support.

Be open! If you or your close friend(s) feels overwhelmed and one individual needs support from a licensed therapist, that’s okay!

We are processing these uncertain times together. 

Everyone one travels through his or her own journey, but we will all become mentally stronger and more resilient in the days, months, and years to come! 

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