Motivation Monday

You are the one that possesses the keys to your being. You carry the passport to your own happiness.

— Diane von Furstenberg

Tree roots “hugging” an old tree stump. How will you “hug” yourself this week?

Self-Love Action #1

If I catch my mind judging myself harshly today, I’ll stop thinking negatively and head straight for a positive mantra such as, “I’m a good person and life is supporting me in unexpected ways.”


Self-Love Action #2

Today I’ll send love to a part of my body that is aching or that I have rejected in the past. That loving energy spreads through me, helping me be strong, confident, and whole just as I am.


Self-Love Action #3

In some way today, even if it is tiny, I know I’ll make myself proud – proud of something I worked hard to accomplish, or proud of the way I handled a tough talk or situation, or simply proud of the fact that I showed up to be present to my life today.







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