Motivation Monday

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You have to remember the value of your individuality, that you have something different to offer that nobody else can.

— Jennifer Lopez

Self-Love Action

This week, instead of taking action or making a decision immediately, I will exercise patience to ensure I am making an optimal choice.

Sometimes, when we are patient, a better way or person or method or opportunity or solution presents itself.


Self-Love Action

This week I do not have to be anything other than authentically me to be beautiful, because it is when I allow my spirit to shine through that people are most drawn to me.

While it can take awhile, we can realize that being attractive is more about our attitude and authenticity than how we look.


Self-Love Action

This week I will connect with the idea of toughness as resiliency that makes me more flexible and also makes me more grateful for the things in my life that are going well.

The tougher experiences of our lives have made us more resilient, but not hard. For this, we are grateful.


Self-Love Action

This week I will aim to treat myself and others in a way that makes me feel loving, generous, and courageous, living my life in the unique way that only I can.

With age comes certain perks, and not caring as much about what people think about the way we live our lives is one of them. Our loving, generous, courageous heart is our best guide.


Self-Love Action

I will lower my stress this week in some area of my life by making a joke or using humor in a respectful and appropriate way to lighten the load for myself and others.

A sense of humor, especially about ourselves, is one of our greatest coping skills in life. Laughter is healing. Laugher is medicine. 

What makes you laugh every time?

What gives you a smile from ear to ear?

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