Workout Wednesday

When I think of the numbers, 2020, “perfect vision”  first comes to mind…

But, the year, 2020, has been far from “perfect”… It is a crazy time!

With more people working from home, changing their lifestyles, and starting to embrace imperfection, virtual workouts are on the rise.

Aaptiv is a leading provider of premium digital health and wellness content and the #1 audio fitness app!

Aaptiv provides trainer-led, music driven workouts in 22 fitness categories such as, running, strength training, cycling, HIIT training, boxing, yoga, and meditation. 

Join Aaptiv today and get access to 2,500+ fitness classes with 40 – 50 new classes added each week!

For only $8.83 – 14.99 per month, members have unlimited access to all workouts.

Receive 10% off an Aaptiv subscription using coupon code: FIT10.

Need more fitness motivation?

Aaptiv if offering a new fitness program led by two of their expert trainers!

90 Day Slay Program is a strength and conditioning program divided into three, four-week phases, which will increase your focus, drive, and discipline.    Each phase starts and finishes with a Fit Test to measure your progress, and promotes a different focus with an overall goal to get stronger, fitter, and more committed to your health.

Phase 1

  • Build Your Strength: 3 workouts/week, 2 strength days & 1 treadmill day.

Phase 2

  • HIIT and Fit: 4 workouts/week; 2 full body HIIT days & 2 interval treadmill days.

Phase 3

  • Total Body Burn: 5 workouts/week; 3 strength days & 2 treadmill days.

*You will be offered variations to customize each workout best for you.

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