Category: HIIT! Heart-Pumping Interval Tips

  • Happy Halloween

    Did you over-indulge on Halloween candy? Are you experiencing an intense sugar high? Or, maybe you need to fight off the ‘Monday blues’? Burn off that sugar high, uplift your mood, and celebrate Halloween with a  H A U N T E D  H I I T  W O R K O U T  !! Body weight […]

  • Workout Wednesday

    Workout Wednesday

    31-Day Walking Plan Take your walks to a new level: Add Internal Training! *Both workouts are approximately 20 minutes.   Walking Workout A (for beginners) 3 minutes: leisurely warm up 1 minute: fast walk 2 minutes: leisurely walk 12 minutes:Alternate between fast and leisurely pace 3 minute leisurely cool down Walking Workout B (more advanced) […]

  • Workout Wednesday

    Are you feeling complacent with your current exercise routine? Are you seeking ways to add variety to your workouts each week? Do you want short, on-demand workouts led by an encouraging and supportive team of coaches? Try Aaptiv today! From running, cycling and walking to strength training, pilates and barre to stretching, yoga and meditation, Aaptiv offers […]

  • Workout Wednesday

    When I think of the numbers, 2020, “perfect vision”  first comes to mind… But, the year, 2020, has been far from “perfect”… It is a crazy time! With more people working from home, changing their lifestyles, and starting to embrace imperfection, virtual workouts are on the rise. Aaptiv is a leading provider of premium digital health and wellness […]

  • Spook-tacular Workout

    “Halloween” is no excuse to pass on today’s workout! Plus, you will feel better after indulging in a bite-size Snicker bar or two later on! 8 Exercises to Get Your Vampire-blood Flowing Mummy Sit-Ups: 45 seconds Start: Lie on your back with legs straight and hands on thighs. Inhale. Exhaling while you engage your core and  slowly sit […]

  • Holiday HIIT

    Have you missed one, two, three, or more workouts this past week? Have holiday parties or end-of-the-year deadlines replaced your workouts? Do you need more energy to end 2017 feeling happy and alive instead of fatigued and overworked? Today treat yourself to only 20 minutes and power through the following bodyweight exercises! What’s more? They can be […]

  • Weekend Warrior Challenge

    Challenge #4 What is Plyometrics? “How many times a week should I do a plyometric workout?“ This form of exercise should not be performed every day because your muscles need to recover from the intense high impact exercise. A 48-hour rest period between plyometric circuits is recommended.  Plyometric exercises are not recommended for novice exercisers, or […]

  • Weekend Warrior Challenge

    While the last month of summer has come, we still have many more days, hours, and minutes to get our hearts pumping, increase our flexibility, build strong muscles, and simply feel good. Each weekend will feature a new workout challenge: Week One Challenge:  Cardiovascular Training Week Two Challenge:  Flexibility Week Three Challenge:  Strength Training Week Four Challenge:  Plyometrics Challenge […]

  • Weekend Tabata Drill

    How will you get your fitness on this weekend? How about sweating through a Tabata Circuit for your workout? Power through the drill below, or apply the Tabata style to your own drill! The Basics: 20 Seconds Hard Work – 10 Seconds Active Recovery – 8 Sets 5 – 10 Minute Warm-Up – Hydrate – Foam Roll – Stretch Round […]

  • Fit Friday

    How will you be active this weekend? Need ideas? Try a Tabata Workout! Perform each exercise for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second recovery for 8 sets. 20 seconds: Work – 10 seconds: Rest – 8 Times Ready… Set… GO Wall Balls: squat -> throw -> catch (at chest height) Mountain Climbers: slow or fast tempo, modifying to your own […]