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  • Workout Wednesday

    When I think of the numbers, 2020, “perfect vision”  first comes to mind… But, the year, 2020, has been far from “perfect”… It is a crazy time! With more people working from home, changing their lifestyles, and starting to embrace imperfection, virtual workouts are on the rise. Aaptiv is a leading provider of premium digital health and wellness […]

  • Therapy Thursday

    How do you relax and rejuvenate your mind? 10 Simple to Life-Changing Nature Activities *A special thank you to the American Heart Association… Savor the Scenery Movies beaming with CGI on 4K televisions dazzle our imaginations, but you won’t always find the most mind-blowing spectacles on a screen. When was the last time you got up […]

  • Motivation Monday

    Santosha: Contentment, the second of the 8 classic Yoga stages and the theme of yesterday’s practice. Allow Santosha to be your theme this week. Be at peace with yourself. Do not rush or overwhelm yourself.  Be present. Find happiness inside, not from something outside yourself. Do not label or judge other individuals. Despite different fitness levels, skills, abilities, and […]

  • Stretch It Sunday

    What better way to end the day, and prepare our body, mind, and soul for the week ahead! Global leading fitness equipment manufacturer, Precor shares its best stretching practices to help you reduce muscle imbalances, improve form and posture, and maximize your time spent at the gym. Stretching has received lots of bad press recently. New research has […]

  • Tone Up Tuesday

    Wake Up, Tone Up, and S–T–R–E–T–C–H Your Muscles! Are your muscles tight? Is your posture poor? Does your body ache all around? Try this Yoga Sequence to stretch your muscles, tone your core,  feel and look GOOD!

  • How To Have A Stress-Free Holiday Season

    What gift to I get for this person? Do I need to get a gift for that person? Which recipe should I prepare for tomorrow night’s party? Will the entire family get along and bring a peaceful holiday dinner? While the holiday season is a good time to visit with friends and family, help the less fortunate, […]

  • Motivation Monday

    How will you sweat this week? Pushing through intervals during Spin class, Punching and jabbing during Kick-Boxing class, Conquering your PR the next time you weight lift, Running the trails, Rowing the next 2,000 meters with your crew,  or Increasing your flexibility during Hot Yoga? Do it now – Do it often – No Regrets!

  • Be Healthy Before Work

    5 Quick and Easy To-Dos’  Before You Walk Out the Door Each Day Drink warm lemon water Aids with digestion and cleanses your intestinal system  Move! Check out Sworkit at http://www.sworkit.com! Run, stretch, or perform yoga Need motivation?  Download the app, “Sworkit” to your mobile device. Starting your day with movement will clear your mind, relieve stress, and […]

  • Exercise Session #17

    Do you spend 8 hours or more sitting at a desk 5 days/week? Do you experience eye strain and muscle soreness in your neck, shoulders, and back? Are you fatigued, stressed, and need a break? If you answered YES to one or more of  the above questions, this post is for YOU! 10 Quick and Simple Ways to Burn […]

  • Try this Deep Breathing Exercise to Reduce Tension and Relieve Stress!

    Admit it, we all encounter high-stress moments at some point during our lives.  You may of previously faced a stressful event, currently be experiencing stress, or anticipating a stressful period in the future – Stress effects all of us! Much of our stress is held in our chests, and when we release this tension, it will […]