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  • Workout Wednesday

    When I think of the numbers, 2020, “perfect vision”  first comes to mind… But, the year, 2020, has been far from “perfect”… It is a crazy time! With more people working from home, changing their lifestyles, and starting to embrace imperfection, virtual workouts are on the rise. Aaptiv is a leading provider of premium digital health and wellness […]

  • Weekend Warrior Challenge

    While the last month of summer has come, we still have many more days, hours, and minutes to get our hearts pumping, increase our flexibility, build strong muscles, and simply feel good. Each weekend will feature a new workout challenge: Week One Challenge:  Cardiovascular Training Week Two Challenge:  Flexibility Week Three Challenge:  Strength Training Week Four Challenge:  Plyometrics Challenge […]

  • Weekend Workout!

    Do you want to get more out of your workout this weekend?  Do you want to enjoy your next sweat session? Turn up your favorite tunes! Recent  research performed by Matthew Stork at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario examined people’s perceptions of high-intensity interval training, and whether Stork and his colleagues could change their feelings about the difficulty of the […]

  • Motivation Monday

    What is your favorite type of exercise? Are you a runner, cyclist, rower, swimmer, or olympic weightlifter? Whatever it may be, do it well, and do it often. Make IT your greatest metaphor for life.  

  • What to Wear during Spin Class… Important Must-Haves!

    The alarm goes off… Buzzing, ringing, loud! Yes, it is that time again… Time for Monday morning spin class!  Tired, now?  You won’t be for long! Once you clip your shoes into the pedals, pushing and pulling with each foot, sweat dripping down your face, you’ll instantly be awake and ready to roll!  But wait, […]