Make Christmas Special for You.

Christmas Lake, Washington, USA

Merry Christmas from my heart to yours!

Spend the holidays the way YOU want to. If that means not going home, or eating pizza instead of the ham everyone else always eats, whatever it is, just do what makes you truly happy.

— A. Pawlowski


Note, it’s okay to be one, two, three, or all trees the same day.

Life is challenging and unpredictable at times. Emotions can change by the day, or hour, and that’s okay. Name the present emotion, reflect, and roll with the resistance.

Struggle is the catalyst for strength.

— Robin Arzón

Always remember, you are good enough.


Gratitude Exercise

What are three small things you are grateful for this year?

Write down each thing and read your list every day.

Try expanding your list. What things can you add each day or week?

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