Motivation Monday

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Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.

— Hillary Clinton


When I experience a disappointment, allowing myself to stop and process my emotions helps me bounce back and feel more resilient.

Self-Love Action

Whether the disappointment is something small like being told the local coffee shop is out of my favorite treat or something big like learning a promotion I was hoping for went to someone else, lovingly allowing myself to acknowledge and feel disappointments of this day will help me bounce back much quicker.


I can make time for myself even in the busiest seasons of life.

Self-Love Action

No matter what today brings, I can nature myself by adopting a positive mantra such as, “This day can have many surprise gifts for me, like something happening to put an unexpected smile on my face.”


One of the quickest ways for me to access inner peace is to do something in the moment to take good care of myself.

Self-Love Action

Today, if I feel stressed, I’ll channel my inner Zen guru by doing something small yet meaningful for myself. It might look like putting off something low-priority on my to-do list, scheduling an appointment to get a massage or haircut, or watching a comedy to help put life in perspective.


Self-love is about being connected to myself by being connected to my emotional needs.

Today I’ll spend some time focusing on one of my biggest emotional needs right now. It might be something life being comforted by spending time with a loved one, or having a good cry about something I’m struggling with. Or maybe it’s having more space in my life so I can unwind and relax, or dialing back giving so much to others temporarily so I can sit down with my own thoughts and a journal and make plans for my future. 


When it comes to self-love, little things really do mean a lot.

Self-Love Action

Today I will do one “little” thing to better support myself – arrive a few minutes early for a meeting so I feel calm; savor my coffee, tea, juice, water, or kombucha instead of rushing through my first drink of the day; or give someone a hug or smile and feel the energy of compassion fill me up for few precious seconds.

Cougar Mountain, Washington, USA

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