Motivation Monday

Make your Cue attractive

As an opportunity or experience becomes more attractive, the more likely we can build a habit.

Habits are a dopamine-driven feedback loop, which means when our dopamine activity increases, our motivation to perform the behavior will also rise.

Oftentimes, the anticipation of a reward (not  the reward itself) coerces us to take action.

The higher the anticipation, the higher the dopamine spike!

Temptation bundling is one way to make habits more attractive. The strategy is to pair a behavior or action you want to do with a behavior or action you need to do.

[Habit Stacking + Temptation Bundling Formula]

Step 1:


Step 2:

After [HABIT I NEED], I will [HABIT I WANT].


After I get back from my lunch break, I will call three potential clients [need].

After I call three potential clients, I will check ESPN [want].

How will you apply Habit Stacking + Temptation Bundling to your personal or work life to make this week 1% better than last week?







Clear, J. (2018). Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. New York, NY: Penguin Random House, LLC.

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