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  • Welcome July

  • Motivation Monday

    Make your Cue attractive… As an opportunity or experience becomes more attractive, the more likely we can build a habit. Habits are a dopamine-driven feedback loop, which means when our dopamine activity increases, our motivation to perform the behavior will also rise. Oftentimes, the anticipation of a reward (not  the reward itself) coerces us to take action. The higher the anticipation, the higher the…

  • Motivation Monday

    How do your habits shape your identity? Consider the 3 Levels of Change: Outcome Change Focus is changing the results such as, losing weight, reaching a PR, winning a championship, or publishing a book. Most goals you set exist at this level. What you get! Process Change Focus is changing the habits and systems such as,…

  • Happy New Year

    As 2021 washes away, how about making a New Year resolution to be a “compassionate mess”? This means that instead of focusing on getting it right, we focus on opening our hearts. Even though it’s important to try to alleviate our suffering by making needed changes in our lives, the truth is we’ll surely fail…

  • Weekend Workout

    I rounded off my workout today with a quick TRX circuit! How will you be active this weekend? Shoot me an email to learn some new TRX exercises!

  • Monday Motivation

    Small steps lead to big changes. Does your week resemble this: A short climb followed by a long, seemingly endless difficult journey? Take one step at a time. Focus on one challenge before transitioning to the next hurdle.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIE5QtkxzvM) Hurry up and wait So close, but so far away Everything that you’ve always dreamed of…

  • Exercise to Reach Your Goals: Part 6

    Goal #6 Learn Something New Add exercise to your daily routine and improve your learning processes! Recent research found that cardiovascular activity increases attention span, improves reading comprehension, and boosts memory.  Further, exercise increases dopamine activity in your brain, contributing to increased focus and concentration.  Are you studying for a big upcoming exam? Hit the…

  • Monday Motivation

    Don’t let Turkey Day interfere with your fitness goals this week! Stay strong and power through your workouts! Monday – Work it! Tuesday – Work it! Wednesday – Work it! Thursday – CHEAT DAY Friday – Work it!

  • Monday Motivation

    Are you wondering how to achieve your fitness goals this holiday season? Follow these 3 simple steps: Eat better Move more Keep focus “How do I eat better?” Contact me for your free copy of my e-book, 5 Quick, Healthy Meals “What are the most effective exercises for my body type and goals?” Schedule a complimentary Fitness Assessment with me today!…

  • Motivation Monday

      What will you do to break out of your comfort zone this week? Try a Cycle class or join a Cross Fit team? Sign up for a Cooking class? Ask for that promotion, finally? Start a new job? Whatever it may be, do it!  Feel the magic! Breathe in the excitement! Live!