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  • Motivation Monday

    Make your Cue attractive… As an opportunity or experience becomes more attractive, the more likely we can build a habit. Habits are a dopamine-driven feedback loop, which means when our dopamine activity increases, our motivation to perform the behavior will also rise. Oftentimes, the anticipation of a reward (not  the reward itself) coerces us to take action. The higher the anticipation, the higher the […]

  • Motivation Monday

    What is a habit? A habit is a behavior that has been repeated enough times to become automatic. What is the ultimate purpose of a habit? To solve problems in life with as little energy and effort as possible.     How do you build better habits in 4 simple steps? Step 1: Problem Phase Cue The cue triggers […]

  • Monday Motivation

    If the dance of the run isn’t fun then discover another dance, because without fun the good of the run is undone, and a suffering runner always quits, sooner or later. Make exercise fun, do an activity that brings you pleasure and joy. Evolved individuals Avoid extremes, Avoid extravagance, Avoid excess. — Tao Te Ching, […]

  • 10 Fitness Tips to Kick-Off Your Week

    It is a new week filled with new beginnings – What new healthy habit(s) will you begin? Maintain an equal balance between work-life, exercise-recovery, and healthy meal-cheat meal, and live in the now! Be Active!  Be Healthy! Be YOU!