Motivation Monday

Self-Love Action

As I walk through the world this week, I will remember there is a powerful inner warrior who walks with me and always has my back.

What does your warrior look like? Create a mental image.

Use this inner warrior to you manage really tough situations this week and beyond.


Self-Love Action

I will check in with myself throughout the week to see what my stress tolerance is and adjust my actions, interactions, and goals for the week (or day) accordingly.

Self-love is being present enough to notice that some days you have a higher tolerance for stressful or frustrating situations and people, and other days your tolerance is much lower.


Self-Love Action

This week I will try to give a project, interaction, relationship, exercise routine, meal prep, or something else a little extra effort to cultivate excellence, reminding myself that it is not about the goal but the journey of self-love on my way there.

You can push yourself to be your best while also loving yourself no matter how your efforts end up looking to the world.


Self-Love Action

This week, if I catch myself stewing in a difficult emotion or negative experience, I will remind myself I can always step back and take a break by focusing my thoughts elsewhere.

It is safe and okay for you to feel all your feelings. With very difficult feelings and experiences, you can lovingly allow yourself to process and digest them in small chunks or baby steps.


Self-Love Action

This week I do not have to run from fear or anger or sadness – I can sit with and acknowledge these emotions. If these emotions are overwhelming me or I feel out of control, I can lean into my healthy coping skills such as, meditation, gentle exercise, journaling, talking to a loved one, getting comfort from a loved one or pet, reading an article by an expert on emotional health, or speaking to a healthcare professional.

Self-love means not abandoning yourself when you are feeling something challenging.

It is okay to ask for help.

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