Motivation Monday

Image source: edu/blog/resilience

2020, a year of vulnerability, resiliency, and gratitude, is soon coming to an end.

My daily words of wisdom and inspiration from my Dr. Wayne Dyer calendar is also coming to an end.

The next few weeks will mark the end of these words of wisdom and inspiration and the beginning of a new set of daily affirmations. 

Stay tuned!

For now, a few more words from Dr. Wayne Dyer to help you stay grounded, optimistic, and filled with love and joy.

If we organize our life around love – for God, for ourselves, for family and friends, for all humankind, and for the environment – we’ll remove a lot of the chaos and disorder that defines our life. 


Whenever we find ourselves “wanting more,” the solution is to do more for society, for humanity, or for the environment. 


Remember: Your self-worth is totally and absolutely determined by what you choose to believe about yourself.


The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.

What are 3 action steps you will take to create, or maintain, a positive mindset?

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