Motivation Monday

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Self-Love Action

Today I will remember that all I need to do is support myself through the next twenty-four hours. That’s all I can control, and it’s also the best way to nurture tomorrow.

In the face of uncertainty, take one small step at a time and use self-love as a stabilizing force in life.


Self-Love Action

Whenever  I catch a glimpse of my reflection today – in a bathroom mirror or a store window – I’ll remind myself that I’m looking at my most dedicated supporter and advocate.

You will get through the natural ups and downs in life.


Self-Love Action

I know that positive changes in me help create positive changes in my outer world. If I cannot change something in my outer world today, I’ll ask myself how I can change my attitude toward it.

Treat yourself with loving kindness to create and experience a world filled with love and kindness.


Self-Love Action

If there is something I’ve been holding on to, I’ll work today on forgiving myself in my thoughts and energy. As I start to forgive myself, that energy might soften other people toward me.

Forgive yourself first to encourage someone to forgive you.

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