Thankful Thursday

July Gratitude Challenge

Schedule 5 minutes each day to reflect on 5 things that bring you gratitude.

Big or small, family, work, or personal related… You choose.

Write each thing in a journal, post-it note, or your smart phone… You choose.

When the ‘going gets tough’ or you are faced with seemingly unbeatable challenges in life, slowly and mindfully read each item on your list.

There will always be something or someone to be thankful for: Love Life.

As I explored the trails at Carkeek Park in Seattle, Washington last weekend, adding distance and incline to my hike, I repeatedly found myself traveling back to this same bench. It was not until I looked down at my feet and noticed this plaque next to the bench; these words subconsciously brought me back after I climbed each hill.

Rest, Relax, Enjoy the View

Live Life

Be grateful for restful & relaxing times and busy & exciting experiences.

Enjoy life’s challenges for they increase strength and resiliency.

Simply, live life.

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