CORE Fit Friday

Have you ever bent over to pick up an item off of the floor and… ouch!… injured your low back?

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I will teach you core strengthening exercises designed to increase your mind-body connection, firm your midsection, and prevent injury.

The core musculature is your body’s foundation, similar to the foundation of a house. All (arm and leg) movement needs to originate from your center in order to prevent injury. Your muscles do not function on their own – your brain controls their actions, both big and small. An analogy to further explain this concept: the brain is a light switch as the muscles are the light bulb. You need to “turn on” your brain in order for your muscles function properly. For every exercise you perform during your workout session,  what is the muscle group that your brain needs to turn on first? Your CORE!

If you have any previous or current back injuries and/or pain, I highly recommend performing Grokker trainer, Tanya Fitzpatrick’s 25 minute circuit to relieve low back pain before trying today’s Core Strengthening Circuit.

*For the full low back series with Tanya Fitzpatrick, sign up for your complimentary Grokker membership today!

Core Strengthening Circuit: Part 1


Jogging in place:  1 minute

Butt Kicks:  1 minute – 30 seconds (slow tempo), 30 seconds (fast tempo)

High Knees:  10 repetitions on each side, slow tempo

(Clasp hands behind each thigh and use abdominals to lift leg)

Medicine Ball High Knee Touch: 10 repetitions each side, light-moderate weight

Single-Leg Balance Reach:  8-10 repetitions each side

Twisting Mountain:  8-10 repetitions each side

(Lift left knee and place right hand on left knee; Rotate left; Repeat on other side)

Straight Leg Front Kicks with Contralateral Reach:  1 minute

Reverse Lunge with Front Kick: 10 repetitions each side

Ice Skaters: 1 minute

Single-Leg Oblique Crunches:  10 repetitions each side

(Bare weight on right foot with right arm out to side and left arm overhead; Bring left elbow to left knee; Repeat on other side.)

Squat with Lateral Lift: 10 repetitions each side

Chair Pose with Arms Overhead:  30 second hold


Medicine Ball Back Bend: 12-20 repetitions

(Squeeze buttocks as hip flexors are stretched.)

Ball Roll-Outs:  12-20 repetitions

(May substitute stability ball for ab-wheel; To progress, perform exercise with a narrow stance, moving knees closer together.)


Ball Single-Leg Lifts:  10 repetitions each side

Ball Single-Leg Lifts with Rotation:  10 repetitions each side

(Rotate towards same side as lifted leg)


Heel Taps: 12-20 repetitions each side

(Start with hips and knees at 90 degrees, shoulder blades lifted, and hands behind head with elbows wide; Maintaining 90 degree bend at knees, slowly lowering each leg, lightly tapping heel on floor; Press low back into floor, pulling abdominals in and down.)

Floor Bridge: 20 repetitions

(Squeeze buttocks and raise hips, pressing through heels; With hips lifted, pulse for 20 seconds, or 20 repetitions.)

Helicopters (also known as Windshield Wipers):  10 repetitions each side


Quadruped “Fire Hydrants”:  10 repetitions each side

(Externally rotate hip while maintaining 90 degree bend at knee; Simulating a male dog raising his leg to pee – LOL!)

Supermans:  4 repetitions with 8 second hold each side

(Lift right arm and left leg, raising arm to ear height and thigh slightly above floor; Repeat on other side. Avoid overarching low back and maintain neutral neck.)

Spider Plank:  10 repetitions each side

(Align elbows with shoulders, maintain neutral neck, and bring right knee to right elbow, repeating on left side.)


Plank to Rotation to Downward Facing Dog: 4 repetitions each position

(Start with standard plank, rotate to side plank on right side followed by side plank on left side, returning to standard plank and finishing with downward facing dog.)

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