Tag: Floor Bridge

  • Workout Wednesday

    A Quick, 10-Minute Strength Circuit  from Head to Toe Get your body moving at the gym, home, work, or a park! Young, Old, Male, Female, Gym Novice or Elite Athlete… Anyone can do it! Just move your body and feel good! Items Needed: Chair Two (2) Light – Moderate Dumbbells Watch or Timer Positive Attitude! Arm Circles Slowly swing arms […]

  • CORE Fit Friday

    Fun Friday Circuit …Make it happen! No regrets! WARM-UP Jogging in place:  1 minute Butt Kicks:  1 minute – 30 seconds (slow tempo), 30 seconds (fast tempo) High Knee Touch, Diagonal: 1 minute – 30 seconds each side Ice Skaters: 1 minute Regression: Perform side steps or curtsy lunge Progression: Add hop with back foot […]

  • CORE Fit Friday

    Have you ever bent over to pick up an item off of the floor and… ouch!… injured your low back? I will teach you core strengthening exercises designed to increase your mind-body connection, firm your midsection, and prevent injury. The core musculature is your body’s foundation, similar to the foundation of a house. All (arm and leg) movement needs […]

  • Fierce Fall Challenge #2

      8 weeks  –  1 fitness challenge each week CHALLENGE #2 Floor Bridge How? Squeeze butt Draw-in belly button towards spine Push up through heels Avoid lifting too high and over-arching low back How many? 12 repetitions  Push up for 1 count, hold for 2 count, lower for 4 count Progress?               […]

  • Quick Morning Workout

    WAKE UP, Sleepyhead!! It’s Time for your Quick Morning Workout! Duration: Less than 20 minutes! Step 1: Warm-Up (6 minutes) Arm Circles: 30 seconds Chest Expander: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/oBy28yST0jg via JakesHomeWorkouts Calf Raises: 30 seconds Running in Place: 30 seconds High Knees: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/bZUfaLxJ36M via Howcast Butt Kicks: 30 seconds http://youtu.be/D_qMNWY0tHo via Howcast Backward Lunge with Front […]

  • Test Your Posture: Part 1

    Sit up straight! Stand up straight! Shoulders back!  Chest out! Abs in! You have learned the importance of good posture since you were a kid.  But, how do you assess your posture? “Do I have good posture?”  “Do I have poor posture?” “How do I improve my posture?” Your questions will be answered in this Test Your Posture […]

  • Core Exercises: Part 1

    Local Stabilization System Muscles that attach directly to your vertebrae (spine). Main responsibility:  Intervertebral stability and intersegmental stability…. Stabilize the spine! Additional responsibilities:  Proprioception and postural control Muscles, include: Transverse Abdominis, Internal Obliques, Lumbar Multifidus, Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor How do you engage these muscles? Place two (2) fingers on your  front hip bone (ASIS, Anterior Superior Iliac […]

  • Exercise Session #19

    Are you bored from your routine squat exercises? Are you in search of new exercises to add your “leg day”? Do you want to tone your quads, butt, and core? If you answered Yes to one or more of these questions, this lower body circuit is for you! Try these 5 Killer Leg Exercises Today! Curtsy Lunge with […]