Monday Motivation

We are past the 6-week mark, the time when New Year resolutions often fade and we slowly drift back to our old habits.

Fitness can feel like you need to perform fast sprint to the finish line, achieving immediate gratification.

Do the following questions sound familiar?

How many pounds can I lose?

Can my lunch be healthier?

What is the smallest size that will fit?

2017 will be different: Better.

Stop trying to be skinny and focus on being strong (physically and mentally).

Use exercise as a way to love yourself, not hate or punish yourself.


Laws of Attraction 


Laws of Motion

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  1. Set goals

Is this what you really want? Why are you doing this? Are you doing this to please society, your man or lady, or your job? Stay fit and healthy for you. Make goals and strive for them for youYou are worth it.

2. Stay on your toes

Are you convinced you do not have the time to hit the gym today? Are you too tired to workout this evening? Be consistent with your exercise routine. Focus on how you will feel after your workout. A 30 minute workout or 60 minute workout or even a quick 10 minute circuit: all movement counts and will move you one step closer to your goal.

3. It is not about winning

Exercise with no end result. Your goal is to experience being mobile; train for life. Exercise simply because you can; you love yourself. Be a healthy example for your kids by taking care of your body. You only have one body and treat it with respect.

4. Make it a lifestyle

Avoid short-lived fitness fads and yo-yo diets; create a lifestyle change. Exercise and healthy eating habits are a way of life. If you do not enjoy what you are doing, do something else.

5. Be grateful

The fitness industry can lead people to try very strict cleanses and other harsh tactics to lose weight, and confirm the human body must look a certain way to be beautiful. This is not healthy and weakens the body, mind, and soul. Do not beat yourself up about things your body cannot do; Revel in what your body can do.



Hsu, T. (2017). Her 5 laws of motion. Los Angeles Times.

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