Weekend Warrior Challenge

While the last month of summer has come, we still have many more days, hours, and minutes to get our hearts pumping, increase our flexibility, build strong muscles, and simply feel good.

Each weekend will feature a new workout challenge:

Week One Challenge:  Cardiovascular Training

Week Two Challenge:  Flexibility

Week Three Challenge:  Strength Training

Week Four Challenge:  Plyometrics

Challenge #1


T-A-B-A-T-A Training

Tabata training can be incorporated into any type of cardiovascular exercise: running, cycling, rowing, to name a few.

Tabata training is an effective way to exercise when time is limited: performing one 4-minute circuit will increase your heart rate, elevate your metabolism post-workout, and relieve stress.

How do I perform Tabata intervals?

Work at your maximum for 20 seconds and recover for 10 seconds, 8 sets.

*During the short recovery period, keep your body moving at a light to moderate pace.

Ready… Set… Go!

Image source: www.thechicphysique.com
Image source: http://www.thechicphysique.com

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