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Weekend Warrior Challenge

While the last month of summer has come, we still have many more days, hours, and minutes to get our hearts pumping, increase our flexibility, build strong muscles, and simply feel good. Each weekend will feature a new workout challenge: Week One Challenge:  Cardiovascular … Continue reading

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Weekend Tabata Drill

How will you get your fitness on this weekend? How about sweating through a Tabata Circuit for your workout? Power through the drill below, or apply the Tabata style to your own drill! The Basics: 20 Seconds Hard Work – 10 Seconds Active Recovery – … Continue reading

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High Intensity Interval Training Work Out…

This week’s “HIIT Day Wednesday” post features an example of a killer interval training regimen, which can be performed with multiple mediums at any gym – running on the treadmill, cycling/spinning, elliptical, and even weights! I am recommending Tabata Intervals.  Yes, this … Continue reading

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