CORE Fit Friday

Fun Friday Circuit

…Make it happen! No regrets!


Jogging in place:  1 minute

Butt Kicks:  1 minute – 30 seconds (slow tempo), 30 seconds (fast tempo)

High Knee Touch, Diagonal: 1 minute – 30 seconds each side

Ice Skaters: 1 minute

  • Regression: Perform side steps or curtsy lunge
  • Progression: Add hop with back foot off floor

Straight Leg Front Kicks with Contralateral Reach:  1 minute

Squat with with Lateral Lift: 10 repetitions each side

Chair Pose with Arms Overhead:  30-second hold


Lateral Squat Jumps: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Preform body weight squat, omitting jump and lateral shift
  • Progression: Add box to jump on or over

Rotating Frog Jumps: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform sumo squat with small hop
  • Progression: Squat lower, finger tips lightly touching floor


Seated Ball Single-Leg Lifts: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform seated on stable chair
  • Progression: Add rotation to same side as lifted leg

Reverse Lunge with Front Kick, Alternating: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform reverse lunge and pulse for 3 counts
  • Progression: Add weight, such as dumb bells, kettle bells, or medicine ball


Heel Taps: 12-20 repetitions each side

(Start with hips and knees at 90 degrees, shoulder blades lifted, and hands behind head with elbows wide; Maintaining 90 degree bend at knees, slowly lowering each leg, lightly tapping heel on floor; Focus on slowly lowering each leg; Press low back into floor, pulling abdominals in and down.)

  • Regression: Perform with head and neck on floor

Floor Bridge: 20 repetitions

(Squeeze buttocks and raise hips, pressing through heels; With hips lifted, pulse for 20 seconds, or 20 repetitions.)

  • Regression: Lay down with stomach on floor and heels together. Maintain neutral neck and squeeze buttocks. Lift feet off floor, slightly raising thighs (1-2 inches). Pulse for 10-20 counts.


Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds (with or without glider discs)

  • Regression: Perform standard plank
  • Progression: Place hands or elbows on BOSU or stability ball

Supermans on Stability Ball: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform in quadruped (on all fours) position, omitting stability ball
  • Progression: Add light, 2.5-5lbs. dumb bells in each hand

Number of sets is up to you – You choose!

Treat your body well and have fun!


About rrluthi

Certified fitness expert with a passion for educating and empowering people of all ages (young "kiddos" to the active aging "baby boomers") about the benefits of adopting and maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, preventing injury, and feeling good. Proven strengths applying cutting-edge fitness/wellness concepts and research through roles as a health coach, fitness trainer, group exercise instructor, and rehabilitation aide—in addition to promoting these concepts in a more systematic way through blogging and social media, community outreach, and corporate wellness program facilitation.
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