CORE Fit Friday

Fun Friday Circuit

Image source: ...Make it happen! No regrets!
Image source:

…Make it happen! No regrets!


Jogging in place:  1 minute

Butt Kicks:  1 minute – 30 seconds (slow tempo), 30 seconds (fast tempo)

High Knee Touch, Diagonal: 1 minute – 30 seconds each side

Ice Skaters: 1 minute

  • Regression: Perform side steps or curtsy lunge
  • Progression: Add hop with back foot off floor

Straight Leg Front Kicks with Contralateral Reach:  1 minute

Squat with with Lateral Lift: 10 repetitions each side

Chair Pose with Arms Overhead:  30-second hold


Lateral Squat Jumps: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Preform body weight squat, omitting jump and lateral shift
  • Progression: Add box to jump on or over

Rotating Frog Jumps: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform sumo squat with small hop
  • Progression: Squat lower, finger tips lightly touching floor


Seated Ball Single-Leg Lifts: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform seated on stable chair
  • Progression: Add rotation to same side as lifted leg

Reverse Lunge with Front Kick, Alternating: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform reverse lunge and pulse for 3 counts
  • Progression: Add weight, such as dumb bells, kettle bells, or medicine ball


Heel Taps: 12-20 repetitions each side

(Start with hips and knees at 90 degrees, shoulder blades lifted, and hands behind head with elbows wide; Maintaining 90 degree bend at knees, slowly lowering each leg, lightly tapping heel on floor; Focus on slowly lowering each leg; Press low back into floor, pulling abdominals in and down.)

  • Regression: Perform with head and neck on floor

Floor Bridge: 20 repetitions

(Squeeze buttocks and raise hips, pressing through heels; With hips lifted, pulse for 20 seconds, or 20 repetitions.)

  • Regression: Lay down with stomach on floor and heels together. Maintain neutral neck and squeeze buttocks. Lift feet off floor, slightly raising thighs (1-2 inches). Pulse for 10-20 counts.


Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds (with or without glider discs)

  • Regression: Perform standard plank
  • Progression: Place hands or elbows on BOSU or stability ball

Supermans on Stability Ball: 30 seconds

  • Regression: Perform in quadruped (on all fours) position, omitting stability ball
  • Progression: Add light, 2.5-5lbs. dumb bells in each hand

Number of sets is up to you – You choose!

Treat your body well and have fun!


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