Motivation Monday

With the gym closures nationwide, are you experiencing “Spin withdrawals”?

Do you miss snapping your SPD clips into the pedals of a Spin bike?

Are you seeking other ways to maintain your cardiovascular endurance?

As a Certified Spin Instructor, I answered a definite YES to all questions!

I hate running… I am not a runner… 


will get out of my comfort zone for my first Half Marathon!

Join me and others worldwide for the Social Distancing Run.

When: Any day the last weekend of May!

What: Distances from 5K to 50K!

Where: Any location you choose!

Who: Only you in-person,

with a large virtual community to support you every step of your training!

Whether you also want to venture out of your comfort zone

Deadline to Register: Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Whether you also want to venture out of your comfort zone to test your running limits or you are seeking ways to exercise at home,

the American Heart Association offers some recommendations for running/walking shoes.

A 5K, marathon, or a quick walk around your neighborhood, 

comfortable shoes are a must!

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