Mindful Monday

How is your week starting off?

What feelings first come to mind?

A simple morning routine to prepare your mind and body for a Win.

Say nice things to yourself because you’re the only one listening.

-Gabrielle Bernstein, author

Begin your day with an affirmation in the morning that says, “Today I choose to be ____.”

Fill in the blank with one word about what you need for that day: happier, healthier, kinder, to name a few. Set that statement as an alarm to turn on throughout the day.

For more encouragement, write your mantra on a thick rubber band and when you become aware of an emerging negative thought, try to “snap out of it” by snapping the rubber band, read, and remember your affirmation.

Think of these small, simple habits as a “mental shower” for your brain. A way to clear your mind and keep you aligned with a positive mindset and increase Flow in your life.

Image source: http://www.smartofficeltd.com/popup_image.php?pID=15904&osCsid=bg23hgfdg91minmtcm88nhib36

What mantra will you write on your first rubber band?







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