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4 Steps to Decipher Fear

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  • Rethink Fear

What is it?

When does it hold you back?

When can it be a positive force?

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  • Know You Are Not Alone

It is part of the human condition  to struggle with moments of fear and anxiety.

Instead of “Forget Everything And Run,” use “Forget Everything And Rise.”

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  • Learn to Spot the Difference:  Functional Fears Vs. False Fears

With an increase in fear and anxiety, the pre-frontal cortex ‘clocks-out’ for a “mini-vacation” and the brain’s emotional powerhouse (amygdala) takes the lead. As a result, the fight, flight, or freeze response is ignited, and logical processing declines.

The next time unwarranted anxiety enters your brain, repeat the words, “Hush Now.”

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  • Ask Yourself:  Is This a Preprogrammed Response?

Repetitious thoughts increase the brain’s programming process. In the case of learning a new skill such as, a sport, foreign language, or craft these thoughts are helpful and even necessary. However, repetitious thoughts can also be detrimental.

Can you think of a time when you thought you were a mistake?

The thought, “I’m afraid of not showing up perfectly” might have entered your mind.

A simple word change can allow you to view the mistake more positively.

Consider rephrasing the thought to “I am having a feeling about not showing up perfectly.”

We all have feelings, positive and negative. We need to accept all feelings and stay in the present moment. Life can be messy and it is okay. We must allow ourselves to not be perfect and simply be happy.






Kolber, P. (2018). The Perfectionist Detox: Tame Your Inner Critic, Live Bravely, and Unleash Your Joy. Da Capo Press. NY: New York. Pg. 33-42.


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