TED Talk Tuesday

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Single or not, hate this day or love this day, Valentine’s Day is much more than red roses, chocolate candies, and expensive dinners.

It is a day to love yourself before anyone else: husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, daughter, son, and even your pet cat or dog!

If you do not treat yourself well, taking care of your own health and wellbeing firsthow will help your loved ones?

Your mission today: Look in the mirror and kiss yourself. 

Accomplish this mission before you kiss your significant other, parent, child, and even your pet.

You are worth it. Treat yourself with respect. Love you, for you!

In Meaghan Ramsey’s TED Talk, Why Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad for You, she discusses the shocking effects of low body image and poor self-confidence. As a Self-esteem advocate for the Dove Self-Esteem Project, she centers on young girls and how feeling ugly can lead to lower grade point averages and even higher risk-taking with drugs and alcohol. Ramsey concludes her talk with ways in which we all can improve this reality, heal ourselves, and simply feel good.

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