Monday Motivation

Are you performing the Pull-Up Challenge?

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The third and final round of exercises starts now!

For the next two (2) weeks, perform the following exercises 2 – 3 days/week.

Resistance Band Swimmer Rows 30 seconds
Lat Pull-Downs 30 seconds
Drill Set #3: Weeks 5 & 6
Pull-Ups (with super resistance band) 5-10 repetitions; 4 sets; 90-120 seconds rest
Negative Pull-Ups (no super resistance band) 5 repetitions; 4 sets; 90-120 seconds rest
Benchmark: Perform a Pull-Up!

Questions? Ask me!

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Image source:


Andrus, L. (2015). An Iron-Clad Plan to Complete Your First Pull-Up. Anytime Fitness Blog. doi: Accessed November 1, 2015.

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