Workout Wednesday

What is the most common excuse for lack of exercise?


What exercise excuse is the simplest to fix?


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Exercise does not need to occur at a gym, recreation center, park, or at home:

It can happen anywhereanytime, and with anyone!

You do not need a large space and fancy equipment to get your body moving, blood flowing, calories burning, and feeling good.

All you need is YOU!

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San Francisco-based FitStar provides its users with endless opportunities to get fit. FitStar offers inspiration, connectivity, and convenience:

  • Add friends and family to your community to intensify the challenge and competition, helping you reach your fitness goals.
  • Connect your Fitbit tracking device with your FitStar account for quicker and easier access to all of your own data.
  • Perform FitStar workouts anywhere, anytime!

Try this quick, fun 10-minute workout today –

at-work, rest stop, airport, hotel room, or wherever life takes you!

Alternating Knee Raises:  45 seconds

Open Hip Squats:  30 seconds

Air Jump Rope:  30 seconds

Good Mornings:  10 seconds

Push-Ups:  20 repetitions

Side Lunges: 10 repetitions (each side)

Butt Kicks:  30 seconds

Reverse Shoulder Rolls:  45 seconds

Warrior 3 Kickouts:  10 repetitions (each side)

Run in place:  30 seconds

Questions, tips, or advice about how to perform these exercises?

 Create a complimentary FitStar account and visit FitStar’s Traveler 10 exercise session for videos and step-by-step descriptions led by FitStar elite personal trainer and NFL all-star, Tony Gonzalez.

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