Smart Play: Part 1

Do you need a increase in your fitness motivation?

Engage in Smart Play today!

To perform smart play follow three (3) simple rules:

  1. Exercises must be easy to understand:  Be able to explain each exercise in 30 seconds or less.
  2. The duration of each exercise must take only 90 seconds to 2 minutes to complete:  High intensity and short duration exercises combat boredom.
  3. Perform a light-moderate warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes before an intense exercise circuit.

Play “Roll the Dice”

Image source:
Image source:

The Game

  • Grab two (2) dice.  Each number on (each side of) the die represents one of the six exercises below (or you may choose your own exercises).  Roll one die at a time.  The first roll determines which exercise to perform, and the second roll denotes the number of repetitions.
  • Perform the following exercises with kettlebells for a fun variation, however you may choose to use traditional weights instead.  Whether you use kettlebells or dumbbells, try to maintain a weight amount in the 75% to 85% range of your one-rep maximum for each exercise.

Single Arm Squat and Press

Image source:
Image source:
  • Stand with one kettle bell in right hand, resting against shoulder.
  • Squat so thighs are parallel to floor.
  • Stand up, and extend right arm to press kettlebell overhead.
  • Lower kettlebell to shoulder.
  • Repeat exercise on left side.

Push-Up with Plank Row

Image source:
Image source:
  • Start in a plank position (arms extended and body in  a straight line from head to heels) with a kettlebell in each hand.
  • Slowly bend arms (maintaining alignment and elbows close to body) until chest is nearly level with wrists.
  • Push-up, extending arms.
  • When arms are fully extended, lift the right kettlebell until the right elbow passes the torso.
  • Lower and push-up again, and repeat exercise on the left side.
  • Regression:  Avoid push-up, and only perform plank row.

Bent Over Reverse Fly

Image source:
Image source:
  • Stand with a kettlebell in each hand.
  • Bend forward at hips until torso is almost parallel to the floor with arms beneath shoulders.
  • Squeeze shoulder blades together and depress shoulders.
  • Maintaining a slight bend at elbows, raise arms out to the sides until they are parallel to the floor.
  • Lower arms, and repeat exercise.

Turkish Get-Up

  • Lie on back with one kettlebell in right hand with right arm extended above and right knee bent (with foot flat on floor).
  • Rise up, keeping right arm extended and coming up onto left elbow.
  • Extend left arm, rising up almost into a seated position.
  • Push down into left arm and right foot while bringing hips off floor, with left leg extended in front.
  • Thread left foot under body and place left knee on ground.
  • Push up from left arm and move body around to come to a kneeling position on left knee and right foot.  You are facing forward with kettlebell still raised overhead.
  • Push off of right foot to come to a standing position.
  • Reverse the steps back to starting position to complete one repetition.
  • Perform on other side, reversing arm and leg movements.

V Twist

Image source:
Image source:
  • Sit on floor with back straight, legs in front, knees bent, and feet on floor.
  • Hold a kettlebell (or medicine ball or dumbbell) with both hands.
  • Turn torso to rotate the kettlebell (or medicine ball or dumbbell) from side to side, lightly touching the floor on each side.
  • Each left-right rotation is one repetition.

Reverse Lunge

Image source:
Image source:
  • Stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart and one kettlebell in right hand, held at shoulder height.
  • Step way back with right foot, lowering right knee to the floor and bending right leg so left thigh is parallel to the floor; avoid left knee moving past toes.
  • Keep chest up and eyes facing straight ahead.  Shoulder aligned with hips.
  • Push up to standing position using left leg.
  • Switch arms, holding kettlebell in left hand at shoulder height.
  • Repeat, stepping back with left foot.


Fiske, B. (2014). The Power of Play. The Training Edge, Spring, 26-27. Retrieved from

3 responses to “Smart Play: Part 1”

  1. What a wonderful concept Robin! Making exercise enjoyable again, to play like we did when we were kids. I remember running around all day and never getting burned out!


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