The Secret to Good Health

Our mind is a powerful tool.  If we think and believe we are sick, we will be sick.  Conversely, if we think and believe we are well or a medicine will make us well, we will live happy, healthy lifestyles.

You are what  you believe – See yourself in a positive light, joyful, grateful, and continuously improving, mentally and physically!

The Universe is a masterpiece of abundance.  When you open yourself to feel the abundance of the Universe, you’ll experience the wonder, joy, bliss, and all the great things that the Universe has for you – good health, good wealth, good nature.  But when you shut yourself off with negative thoughts, you’ll feel the discomfort, you’ll  feel the aches, you’ll fee the pain, and you’ll feel as if every day is painful to get through.

– Lisa Nichols, The Secret

Stress:  It originates with one negative thought.  Stress manifests as more negative thoughts enter your mind.  

“The effect is stress, but the cause was negative thinking, and it all began with one little negative thought.”

– Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

When you are feeling down, depressed, hopeless, as if your physical or mental body has failed, laugh!

Laughter is the best medicine.  It is a self-healing mechanism.  It releases negativity and rids the body of illness and disease.  When in doubt, laugh!

Watch a funny You Tube video, tell a joke to a friend or co-worker, or search your ‘feeds for funny images, like this one:

Cat Treadmills

No matter what you have manifested in your body, physically or mentally – you can change it!  Think happy thoughts and be happy.

“Happiness is a feeling state of being.”

“You have you finger on the ‘feeling happy’ button.  Press it now and keep your finger pressed down on it firmly, no matter what is around you.”

– Rhona Byrne, The Secret

Here is your “happy button”:


Press it!

Reference:  Byrne, R. (2006).  The Secret.  Hillsboro, OR:  Beyond Words Publishing.

2 responses to “The Secret to Good Health”

  1. Thank you for the excellent information! I realize more each day the truth in what you are saying. The negative stress or the positive accomplishment of the goal is a result of the quality of our thoughts. Great to know it’s totally in our control 🙂


    • You’re welcome! And, thank you for checking out my blog! Our mind is a powerful tool. If we think positively, positive outcomes will arise. Negative thoughts create more worry and stress to our already busy (and often stressful) lives. Things I try to myself each and every day!


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