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Think Positive and Be Fit!

Negative thoughts can hinder your athletic performance, or even stop you from exercising all together!  SO…. QUIT the negativity and think positive! 5 Steps to a Positive Attitude Every morning when you wake up, say out load a positive statement about yourself and your … Continue reading

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The Secret to Good Health

Our mind is a powerful tool.  If we think and believe we are sick, we will be sick.  Conversely, if we think and believe we are well or a medicine will make us well, we will live happy, healthy lifestyles. You are what  you believe … Continue reading

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The Power of Positive Thinking

As we begin a new year, a year filled with new experiences, relationships, and accomplishments, we must first think positively. Practice the following exercise to incorporate positive thinking into your life this year and beyond: Hold your arm out straight, while … Continue reading

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How to Think Positively

In life, we are all faced with challenge and failure as they are essential to reaching success and our greatest potential.  However, oftentimes, we go overboard and beat ourselves up for our failures, dwelling on the negative.   We need to … Continue reading

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