Laughter is Medicine

While you are awake at 5AM…
Start your day with an early morning workout to uplift your spirits and feel amazing for the day to come!
What is your favorite “treat”?
Practice self-love and indulge in one small “treat” each day: a small piece of dark chocolate, one glass of red wine, a bubble bath, a mindful walk through nature, or watching a silly movie, to name a few.
Do what makes you happy.
Even though you are a “grown-up,” there’s a child inside of you who likes to play. How will you play today?
Tell a funny joke, play a board game, play a sport just for fun, dance to a great song, play with a pet or child, or just act silly, to name a few.
What small gift can you give yourself this week and keep for yourself?
Why cats are not allowed on pirate ships.
Why are cats allowed in our homes? To bring smiles, laughter, and unconditional love.
Don’t let this be you during your next video conference with your coworkers!
Or, it will be a way to really get to know your colleagues!

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