Workout Wednesday

Do you often say to yourself, “I am at the gym… Now, what should I do?”

First, do not focus on what you should do; focus on what want to do. 

Do what feels good to you today.

To get you started and stay motivated…

I have compiled a “list” of 5 basic movement patterns to include during each gym session. 

  • Push Movement

Examples: Push-up, Chest Press, Tricep Extension

Image source:
  • Pull Movement

Examples: (Assisted) Pull-up, Lat Pull-down, Cable Row, Bicep Curl

Image source:
  • Rotational Movement

Examples: Low-to-High Chop, High-to-Low Chop, Plank-to-Rotation

Image source:
  • Weighted Carry

Example: Farmers Walk

Image source:
  • Explosive Movement (optional)

Examples: Squat Jump, Tuck Jump, Power Lunges

Image source:



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