Monday Motivation

Attitude is everything.

When life events (major and minor) try to bring you down to a spiral of negative thoughts, keep your attitude up.

Think positive.

Our brains tend to think about the badpreparing our bodies and minds for the worst case scenario. Our ancestors might be to blame for this “survival of the fittest”  way of thinking. Today we do not need to think this way.

Think about the good in your life.

Practical Tools to Apply

to Keep a Positive Attitude in the Face of Life’s Struggles

  • Take some time away.

Instead of emotionally reacting to the problem, step back and think about it. Give yourself the opportunity to choose a positive attitude as you face the issue. You do not have to fix the problem immediately. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax. You are in control – not the circumstance.

  • Keep your eye on the goal.

When struggles arise, we often lose our focus on what is important – our goal. Sit down and write your goal, thinking about how you will achieve this goal. Keep what is important, important.

  • Focus on solutions, not problems.

When a problem surfaces, we often dwell on it. We focus way too much on the problem. Instead of thinking about the problem, think about the solution. Write the solution and monitor its progress.

  • Get some positive input. 

Our minds can have a “snowball effect.” When we start to worry, our minds can spiral down a negative slope. We need to replace our negative thoughts with positive ideas. Meet with a friend, family member, or colleague who will encourage you to think positive. Read an inspirational book. Watch an educational TED Talk. Choose an external influence, which will help you have a positive attitude.

  • Tell yourself the good.

We have the internal power to control our thoughts. Dwell on the good attributes about your life or career instead of the problems. Think positive: do things you enjoy and give you a sense of happiness and peace. Develop your positive attitude from the inside as well as from the outside.

  • Remember that circumstances are not forever.

We often feel as if we will be immersed in the negative situation forever, when in actuality, “this too shall pass.” Circumstances will change and you will reach the peaceful summit of the mountain after battling the treacherous climb. This journey will give you a sense of hope as you work to change your attitude and reach your highest potential.

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