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  • Foodie Friday

    Healthy Recipe of the Week Cauliflower Fried Rice A favorite classic dish with a healthy makeover!   Ingredients 1 medium Cauliflower Head 2 tablespoons Sesame Oil 1 large Carrot (diced) 2 Cloves Garlic (minced) 1 cup Shelled Edamame (frozen) 2 Eggs (lightly beaten) 3 tablespoons Low-Sodium Soy Sauce (*may be substituted for tamari) ¼ cup Green…

  • Happiness Calendar

    March into Greatness this month! How will you make March 2020 the best yet?

  • Happy October!

  • Thursday Nugget

    Healthy Recipe of the Week Winter Greens Salad Ingredients  1/2 Lemon Zest and Juice 1/2 Orange Zest and Juice 1 tablespoon Shallots (minced) 1/4 teaspoon Salt 2 tablespoon Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 2 tablespoon Mayonnaise (may substitute for vegan substitute) 1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard 8 cups Winter Greens, such as Kale, Cabbage, and/or Brussels Sprouts (finely shredded)…

  • Happy Easter!

    Easter vocabulary from the Fitness Team at Emerald Heights Retirement in Redmond, Washington Quiz your family and friends during Easter brunch! Share memories, reminisce, and savor your time with loved ones. And, indulge in a Cadbury egg or Peep… or maybe both!

  • Monday Motivation

    Print this flyer and post it inside your employee lounge, classroom bulletin board, family refrigerator, or any place where encouragement, support, and self-esteem are needed! Created by Robin Luthi, BA Psychology, CPT, SFS, AAMC

  • Monday Motivation

    “Feeling Awe may be the secret to health and happiness.” — Paula Spencer Scott   What is Awe? “Awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something vast or beyond human scale, that transcends our current understanding of things” (Keltner 2016). Awe can be an electrifying emotion experienced at the sight of the Grand Canyon (pictured…

  • How Do My Talents, Skills, and Passions Help People

    If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” — Thomas Jefferson What do people thank me for? People admire my positive energy, enthusiasm, and consistency for maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. From watching my mother jump up and down in her hot pink spandex leotards during her…

  • Tunes Tuesday

    Are you looking for some new Christmas tunes to listen to while wrapping presents, baking goodies, or socializing at your next holiday party? Do you simply need a few Christmas songs to “get in the mood” and spread some holiday cheer? I can help! 2015 Christmas Mix * Click on song title for iTunes download. Track Song Artist…

  • Workout Wednesday

    Are you performing the Pull-Up Challenge? Technically, it is Week 5… Which means, new exercises and routine! However, how many of you were not quite as on top of your workout regime last week? Perhaps, you did drag your body to the gym but you did not perform the pull-up exercises? It’s ok! It happens… It happened to me! So,…