Workout Wednesday

The glutes are important muscles of the hips. They set the foundation for proper pelvic alignment and they promote the key movements of hip extension and external rotation. To get the most out of your glute workouts, be sure to include double-leg, single-leg and power movements to your routine.

— Sabrena Jo, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Glute-building Exercise #5


Hold a dumbbell in each hand under your chin at shoulder height. Palms facing each other. Step up onto a weight bench with the right foot. Step down with the right foot. Step onto the weight bench with the left foot. Step down with the left foot. Continue to alternate the feet to complete the repetitions. *Make sure entire foot (heel to toe) is firmly placed on bench during each step-up. Keep chest lifted, eyes forward, and core musculature engaged.

Perform 10 – 15 repetitions on each side.

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