Workout Wednesday

The glutes are important muscles of the hips. They set the foundation for proper pelvic alignment and they promote the key movements of hip extension and external rotation. To get the most out of your glute workouts, be sure to include double-leg, single-leg and power movements to your routine.

— Sabrena Jo, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Glute-building Exercise #4

Stability Ball Hip Extension

Place your hips and lower abdomen on top of a stability ball. Place your hands on the floor in front of the stability ball with elbows straight. Brace your abdominals as you lift both legs off of the floor by squeezing your glutes. You’ll be balancing on the stability ball as your legs raise up in line with your hips; avoid arching low back. Keep your heels in contact with each other throughout movement pattern. Maintain a comfortable bend at knees. Pause for 1 – 2 seconds and then return feet to the floor.

Perform 10 – 15 repetitions

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