Workout Wednesday

The glutes are important muscles of the hips. They set the foundation for proper pelvic alignment and they promote the key movements of hip extension and external rotation. To get the most out of your glute workouts, be sure to include double-leg, single-leg and power movements to your routine.

— Sabrena Jo, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer

Glute-building Exercise #3

Single Leg Sit-to-Stand

Stand with the backs of your legs in front of a weight bench. Hold a dumbbell extended out away from  chest. Lift the left leg off the floor and balance on the right foot. Lower yourself down until you feel your seat touch the bench briefly and then return to standing using the right leg only. Repeat on the opposite foot and alternate each leg until you complete the repetitions. *To modify, omit the dumbbell and perform with body weight only. I recommend starting this exercise with body weight only and progressing to added weight after optimal stability and strength is achieved.

10 – 15 repetitions eacb side

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