Fierce Fall Challenge #8

Have you completed each challenge the past 7 weeks?

Complete the final challenge today and win a free E-book:

5 Quick, Healthy Meals for the Week!

Details: Submit a video performing each exercise.  All 8 fitness challenges must be included to qualify.  Email videos to (include videos in body of email) or post videos to comment section below.


 Squat to Plank HIIT Circuit

30 Seconds:  Goblet Squat

Image source:
Image source:

30 Seconds:  Standard Plank

Image source:
Image source:

Perform Squat to Plank set 8 times with good form.

Progress Squat? Increase kettle bell or dumbbell weight.

Regress Squat? Omit kettle bell or dumbbell, and perform a body weight squat.

Progress Plank? Place hands or elbows on a Swiss stability ball.

Regress Plank? Place hands or elbows on an elevated surface (eg. bench) or lower knees to floor.

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