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  • Spook-tacular Workout

    “Halloween” is no excuse to pass on today’s workout! Plus, you will feel better after indulging in a bite-size Snicker bar or two later on! 8 Exercises to Get Your Vampire-blood Flowing Mummy Sit-Ups: 45 seconds Start: Lie on your back with legs straight and hands on thighs. Inhale. Exhaling while you engage your core and  slowly sit […]

  • Tone Up Tuesday

    Wake Up, Tone Up, and S–T–R–E–T–C–H Your Muscles! Are your muscles tight? Is your posture poor? Does your body ache all around? Try this Yoga Sequence to stretch your muscles, tone your core,  feel and look GOOD!

  • Tone Up Tuesday

    Are you bored from your current work out routine? Do you need a new exercise to spice up your next gym power hour? How about adding an exercise that will tone your muscles and prevent injury? Perform a Dead Lift! Dead Lifts: Can be performed in varying ways and using different modalities, so you will never get bored. Can be incorporated into any exercise […]

  • Fierce Fall Challenge #8

    Have you completed each challenge the past 7 weeks? Complete the final challenge today and win a free E-book: 5 Quick, Healthy Meals for the Week! Details: Submit a video performing each exercise.  All 8 fitness challenges must be included to qualify.  Email videos to robin.crunch@gmail.com (include videos in body of email) or post videos to comment section below. CHALLENGE […]

  • Fierce Fall Challenge #7

    8 weeks  –  1 fitness challenge each week CHALLENGE #7 Plank Jacks   Align your elbows under shoulders, pull belly button in towards your spine, and go! Regress? Perform exercise one leg at a time, alternating, and at slower pace. If you experience low back pain or have a previous injury, regress this exercise.  

  • Fierce Fall Challenge #6

    8 weeks  –  1 fitness challenge each week CHALLENGE #6 In light of Halloween, I have a spooky challenge  for you! Frankenstein Walk 10 steps in each direction x 3 Spider Plank 10 repetitions on each side x 3 Regress? Place your elbows and forearms on mat. Progress? Place your hands on a BOSU or Stability Ball. H […]

  • Quick, Efficient Workout

    “I don’t have any time to exercise.” “I should do weights.” “I’ll do weights tomorrow.” Do these statements sound like you? There are no excuses! Here are 3 Compound Exercises, working your whole body – 1… 2… 3… Done! Short, Quick, Efficient: It’s that simple! Perform 15 repetitions of each exercise for 1 – 2 […]

  • Resistance Training Exercises: Beginner-Intermediate Level

    I recently completed a Continuing Education Course (CEC) for my Spin Instructor Certification.  You might expect this course to be about cardiovascular fitness, however this course focused on resistance training.   The course examined how to apply resistance training to the Spinning program.  This type of training is a critical component to an exercise program in order to […]

  • Core Exercises: Part 2

    Global Stabilization System Muscles attach from the pelvis to the spine. Main responsibility:  Transfer weight between the upper body and lower body Additional responsibilities:  Stability between the pelvis and spine, increasing stabilization of the core during functional movements Muscles, include: Quadratus Lumborum, Psoas Major, External Oblique, portions of Internal Oblique, Rectus Abdominis, Gluteus Medius, Adductor […]

  • Core Exercises: Part 1

    Local Stabilization System Muscles that attach directly to your vertebrae (spine). Main responsibility:  Intervertebral stability and intersegmental stability…. Stabilize the spine! Additional responsibilities:  Proprioception and postural control Muscles, include: Transverse Abdominis, Internal Obliques, Lumbar Multifidus, Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor How do you engage these muscles? Place two (2) fingers on your  front hip bone (ASIS, Anterior Superior Iliac […]