S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Success

Image source:  www.teachersreflect.wordpress.com
Image source: http://www.teachersreflect.wordpress.com

How will you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals this week?

Create a S.M.A.R.T. Goal!

Image source:  www.aleanjourney.com
Image source: http://www.aleanjourney.com

S pecific:  Be clear and concise about what you will accomplish.

M easurable:  Determine how you will track your progress.

A ction-oriented:  Attest what steps or actions you will need to complete.

R ealistic:  Confirm your goal is physically possible, affordable, and convenient.

T imely:  Set a deadline for achieving your  goal.

Here are a couple examples of SMART goals to help you reach all of your health and fitness goals:


  1. My goal is to participate in a Spinning class on Monday mornings to improve my cardiovascular fitness level.
  2. My goal is to engage in a strength training circuit on Tuesday evenings to decrease body fat and increase muscle mass.


  1. I will mark my calendar with a star for each day I complete a Spinning class.
  2. I will record the strength training exercises (muscles used, repetitions, sets, rest duration) performed each week and  progress periodically. 


  1. I will wake up 10 minutes earlier and lay out my Spinning gear on Sunday nights to be on time for the 7:00am Spinning class.
  2. I will bring my exercise clothes with me to work and change clothes before I leave my work site and travel to the gym.


  1. The Spinning studio is close to my house and the membership costs are within my financial budget.
  2. I will lose 1 – 2 pounds of body fat each week.


  1. I will participate in at least one Spinning class each week for the next three months.
  2. In three months, I will lose at least 12 (but no more than 24) pounds of body fat.
Image source:  www.nurish.ie
Image source: http://www.nurish.ie

Working towards your goal is a process and involves change.  Focus on the benefits of change to maintain your motivation. Achieving your goal takes time and practice.

  • Be aware of your obstacles and know how you will overcome them.
  • Foster social support.  Be a role model for others, or seek out a mentor for yourself.  Enjoy the camaraderie a Spin class, or any other group exercise class, has to offer.
  • Be prepared for an unexpected change to your plan.  If you are unable to attend Spin class due to an illness or a scheduling conflict, how will you adjust your routine?  You may consider trying a different group exercise class offered at a more convenient time or going for a walk instead.
  • Learn from your past experiences.  If you make a mistake, write down how you will perform better next time.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments – big and small! How will you reward yourself for your hard work and determination?
Image source:  www.enell.com
Image source: http://www.enell.com

Reference: Moltrup, D.  (2014). Set SMART goals for success. doi:  http://ilovespinning.com/set-smart-goals-for-success/?roi=echo7-11620295068-35437068-6e332de846dbea774ec7bf9c8e20bbac.  Accessed on April 6, 2014.

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